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Eeyore's Birthday Party
April 2006, Austin, Texas

Every year people in Austin celebrate Eeyore's Birthday. I have to admit, I do regret not going to this party before — even though I've been living in Austin for a while I always managed to skip this event.

To please forever depressed Eeyore you can wear a costume. Yes, it's not quite Halloween, but it's as close as it gets (without candy and tooth decay). I stayed at the park from about noon and until 5pm or so -- and the party just got started. A huge number of drummers kept on rythm pumping through the day. Some people were coming, some going, but the crowd seemed to get bigger and bigger.

Local breweries were offering beer and some other stands had water/juice/fruit. People played frisby (oddly enough no dog tried to participate, though a number of pets were there, including dogs, cats and even a rat), juggling, playing ball.

Further in the park there were tents, some small drummer circles and other ensembles. Some were just relaxing.

Next year I have to go there too. Great way to spend Saturday.

Made me think of Shiva

All pets were welcome

Now that's real people

And happy rednecks

Rose was in bloome

One of the volunteers

All sorts of music, not just drums

When have you last seen a mullet?

Kilt and horn

Flowerport one

Everything goes Jesus

Jesus again

Jesus has left the building

More music

Flagger and drums

Another shot

No burnt shoulders

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